Select Clips from National Geographic Magazine

Once Upon A Dragon (Jan. 2014); about Komodo dragons in the 21st century

The Bite that Heals (Feb. 2013); about the medicinal value of animal venom
Fragile Empire (May 2011); about the state of the Great Barrier Reef
Gold Dusters (March 2011); about pollinators
The Monkey Who Went Into the Cold (Feb. 2011); about snub-nosed monkeys
A Monkey That Knows No Bounds (August 2011); about Langur monkeys
Counting Cranes (June 2010): about the state of the whooping crane
In Hot Pursuit (Oct. 2009); about Bryde’s whales
The Vanishing (April 2009); about amphibian declines
Underworld (Dec. 2008); about the South Sandwich Islands
In the Whirl (Sept. 2008); about sailfish
Living Color (June 2008); about nudibranchs
Animal Minds (March 2008); I wrote the photo legends for this story
Small Wonders (Nov. 2007); about marine microfauna
Eden for Sharks (March 2007); about sharks in the Bahamas
Hawaii’s Unearthly Worms (Feb. 2007)
Feathers of Seduction (July 2007); about birds of paradise
Winged Victors (June 2007); about Panama’s bats
It’s a Frog’s Life (Nov. 2006); about red-eyed tree frogs
The Power to Divide (March 2005); about stem cells…I wrote the photo legends for this story
Beneath Irish Isles (March 2005); about underwater life off Ireland
Red Hot Hawaii (Oct. 2004); about Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Northern Exposure (Jan. 2004); about life beneath the Arctic Ice
Born to Roam (Sept. 2003); about Serengeti zebras
ZIP USA: A Town of Their Own, 68010 (Nov. 2002); about Boys’ Town, Nebraska
Last Voyage of the Slave Ship Henrietta Marie (August 2002)