NEW BOOK for 2016! Please pre-order UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIPS: DOGS! There are pups all over the place in its pages. I’m hopeful it will be a bestseller like its predecessors!

As of fall 2014, my third book (happily, a best seller) is available! Unlikely Heroes is a collection of stories about valiant acts by all kinds of animals, from an elephant seal to a hippo to a scruffy stray cat. And there are dogs in there, too, of course.

Below you’ll find links to my other two books, Unlikely Friendships and Unlikely Loves, both published by Workman Publishing (2011 and 2013, respectively); I’m thrilled to report that Unlikely Friendships first was a New York Times Bestseller for more than 40 weeks, at one point hitting the number 3 position! Unlikely Loves was also a long-time best seller on both the NYT and Indie lists, and Heroes has been on both lists as well.

You can buy Unlikely Friendships by clicking here or using any of the “order online” options below. These are some reviews of the book. People seemed to like it.

You can buy my second book, Unlikely Loves, by clicking here. If you liked book 1, you’ll love book 2! And now you can also give book 3 some love: Buy Unlikely Heroes here!

Also available, a lovely set of three little hardcovers adapted for the newest readers among us. Here is a link to Unlikely Friendships for Kids. Plus, calendars! The 2015 edition is out now (in two sizes)—check it out wherever calendars are sold.

PLEASE READ THIS! Though my links take you to or to my publisher’s site, I encourage people to shop at smaller retailers, especially your local brick-and-mortar stores. I personally love the small independent shops. The Unlikely collection should be available just about everywhere books are sold. Please support independent book stores!!

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